Carter Preserve Snowshoe Hike - Charlestown, RI

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Rhody Seth

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Dec 18, 2015
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Charlestown, RI
Down here in Rhode Island we finally got an honest dumping over snow thanks to last weekend's blizzard. Here in Charlestown we received 18 inches. Been some time since we got that much snow at once and it was great to legitimately be able use snowshoes afterwards. Not so great was failing to secure a plow guy and having to snowblow my super long dirt driveway but I digress.

A couple days after the blizzard I ventured to our local trails for a snowshoe hike. It was reading -8 F at the beginning but it felt warmer out thanks to the sun and absolutely no wind. Carter Preserve is a mix of open field and wooded trails that wind over glacial moraines. We had a bad caterpillar infestation a few years in a row that wiped out much of the trees here. Harder to tell in the winter when most of the trees don't have leaves anyway but in the summer the dead spindly trees are an interesting contrast to the lush ferns that now thrive below. At any rate, with a fresh layer of snow and cold temps I had the trails to myself and enjoyed breaking trail much of the morning.

I was happy with how the video came out so I thought I'd share. Wish I could enjoy the snow longer but the forthcoming rain/warmer temps is bound to make a mess of things.


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