Dry River Wilderness (legally) via Trails Listed Below: (13-Sep-2011)


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The use of the word "legally" in the title refers to the U.S. Forest Service recent closure of the Dry River Trail due major washouts and bridge damage caused by Hurricane Irene in August. Hikers can still enjoy the Dry River Wilderness via several trails that remain open in that area. Two of these trails are the Mt. Eisenhower Trail, and the Dry River Cutoff.

On 13-Sep-2011, I did a trek of about 10.5 miles. It involved (in order) the following trails:

_ Edmands Path
_ Crawford Path
_ Mt. Eisenhower Trail
_ Dry River Cutoff
_ Mt. Clinton Trail
_ Mitzpah Cutoff
_ Crawford Path (to Highland Center)

As a general statement, all trails were in good shape. Yes, over the 10.5 mile route, there were a few blowdowns here & there, but all were easy to step over or duck under.
And of course, there were occasional muddy spots, but none presented any issues and barely required a break of stride.

Speaking of muddy spots, there were many recent boot prints in the muddy spots along the remote Mt. Eisenhower Trail and Dry River Cutoff. Apparently other hikers have made recent forays along this route.

The only damage from Hurricane Irene that I detected was some trail erosion at a brook crossing on the Dry River Cutoff, and also at a brook crossing on the Mt. Clinton Trail.

Some photos from this trek are on my BLOG.
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