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Sep 3, 2003
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Please read the terms of service before you post.

The Exposure - Nature Photography forum is for the exchange of information on nature photography. The forum can be used to request Comment and Critique (C&C) of your photos, to discuss tips on improving photography skills, and to discuss equipment.

Photos posted here should be related to nature or activities in the backcountry.

Allowable examples are:

  • Nature/rural landscapes
  • Wild flowers
  • Birds
  • Animals
  • Insects
  • People hiking, skiing, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking
  • Travel style portraits

Photographs of or containing the following are NOT allowed:

  • Studio style portraits
  • Pets in a home setting
  • Nudity of any kind
  • Urban scenes
  • Sports
  • Motorsports

Images should be limited to a maximum of 800 pixels in any dimension. Panoramic shots can be wider but please use discretion. Not everyone has a cable modem.

Attachment of photos are NOT allowed in this forum. Attached files reside on this server and I do not have enough disk space to allow it. If you have a photo that you want to share and do not have access to your own web server, then please upload your photo to a photo hosting service such as webshots or photo bucket.

Once the photos are hosted, you may display them in a post by using the
image button. You can also provide a link to the photo using the
link button.

The forum can be used to ask questions about photography and to look for assistance with or critiques of your photos.

Examples of suitable posts are:

  • What do you think of this shot? How can I improve it?
  • Has anyone used the Canon 100-400mm IS L for bird photography?
  • What is exposure compensation?
  • Has anyone shot the slot canyons in Utah?
  • I think my new 600mm f4 lens is defective. My shots are all blurry and I shot them handheld at f29 so they should be super sharp. Should I send the lens in for calibration?

OK, maybe the last question is stupid and you should get laughed at, but then again we can still offer help to people that have more money than knowledge. :)

As with other forums on this site, you may NOT offer items for sale.

Enjoy the new forum.

- darren
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