FOUND. iPhone 5 on Giant recovered and WORKING from likely lost in 2015!!! Wow.

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Sep 12, 2005
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Western PA
I found this on the ledge to the north of the summit from the Owl Head Lookout route. It was in a high-quality waterproof case. I dried it out for a few days and it works. The last update was nearly three years ago.

There is a picture of a baby on the only screen I can see before the lock screen. The instructions on the case are in French and English so I'm guessing individual that lost this is likely Canadian but obviously not certain.

I would be more than happy to reunite it with it's owner. I myself have lost things and hooed that years later I'd somehow get them back.

It is staggering that the battery is still good after surviving what looks to be three winter's at 4500'. It is in immaculate condition.

PM me or better yet email me at [email protected] if it's yours or you know the likely owner.

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