Galehead, 2/14/2015

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Mar 5, 2012
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Conditions: Six of us headed up Galehead yesterday. The small parking lots for the Gale River Loop Road along Rt 3 were plowed in, so we headed to the Beaver Brook parking lot and used the winter trails to access the Loop Road. Even though the Gale River Trail had been broken in the last week, drifting and fresh snow put 4" of snow back into the snowshoe trench, so we were rotating lead all the way to the hut. Wind was calm until we got to the hut, at which point we got blasted. The Frost Trail was very drifted over and heavily-laden branches blocked the way at chest height. The summit clearing was pretty sheltered from the wind, but -5F temps kept us from hanging around too long. The trip back down was quick and uneventful, and there is now a great snowshoe highway until the next big storm. Unless the the few inches of snow delivered Sat night are really blown around, the track should be relatively clear today.

Special Equipment: Snowshoes! Warm mittens!

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