Garfield, Galehead, North Twin, South Twin


Jul 20, 2011
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White Mountains
Date of Hike: Sunday, April 29th

Trails: Garfield Trail, Garfield Ridge, Frost, Twinway, North Twin Spur, Gale River Trail

Trail Conditions: Garfield trail water crossings were easy, just watch for glazed ice on rocks early in the morning, the trail is bare, wet, some ice, and ground cover snow until heading up to the switchbacks were it is snow and ice. Garfield Ridge Trail has snow and ice in spots, the steep 'waterfall' section of the trail below the campsite is icy so use care. Frost Trail has snow with old tiny spots of monorail. Twinway has ice and thin snow on the boulders with bare spots down low then turns to snow, monorail. North Twin Spur Trail has a monorail in most spots, narrow in places but not awful when you slip off the sides. Gale River Trail starts off with a mix of snow, ice, and rocks and quickly becomes bare ground. I bypassed the new reroute section and hiked the old section, water crossings were easy.

Special Equipment: microspikes were very helpful but not needed.

Comments: Picture perfect day out in the woods, high winds on the summits but the views were great (minus Galehead). Trip Report / Pictures

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