garfield, galehead, south twin, north twin 1/5/12


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Mar 2, 2004
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southeastern, nh
date: 1/5/12

trails: gale river road, garfield trail, garfield ridge trail, frost trail, twinway, north twin spur, north twin trail, herd paths

conditions: parked at 5 corners to avoid any issue at gale river road. first bit is heavily travelled by trucks then a snowshoe path until snowmobile travelled shortly before the garfield trail. an inch or two of new powder today. good track on garfield trail with same new powder. more drifting up high and on garfield ridge trail to summit. we broke out garfield ridge over to gale river intersection with varying snow depths from a few inches in an old troth to over a foot with the old track completely filled in. the base underneath was generally solid. the "waterfall" section was tricky and we took to the woods to get around the icy chute in its lower half. past gale river trail the rest of the route was well travelled. some loose snow and drifting over the twins which was actually quite nice for descending. the bypass of the first two crossings of the little river was well travelled. good track on the old rail grade paralleling haystack road back to the end of little river road where we spotted the other car. water crossings were all snowbridged.

equipment: we wore snowshoes the whole day.

comments: nice day. cold and windy on the open summits, but some interesting views over the course of the day with a mix of clouds, sun and patches of blue sky. thanks to cynthia for a great hike.


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