Garfield via Skookumchuck, Garfield Ridge, and out Gale River trails 6-18-12

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Jan 28, 2010
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at Madison summit
Trails: Skookumchuck, Garfield Ridge, and out via Gale River Trail.

Conditions: drier than expected on major blowdowns...water crossings easily done...plenty of rocks of course...

Comments: my budby Rod agreed to vehicle spot at Gale River and we headed over to Skookumchuck..good time up to the Garfield Ridge jct and we were treated to great under cast of the Pemi Wilderness "bowl" but higher peaks visible...side trip to N Lafayette for the time we got to Garfield, blue sky views...down and over to Gale River and good time out to spotted vehicle..thanks to Rod for helping me get a section of the GRT..!
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