Granite State Is Knock, Knock, Knockin' At The Door


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Nov 8, 2003
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If it ain't snowin' there, we ain't goin' there.
Some of you will know that NH's record minimum temp is a paltry -47 F, while ME has -48, VT -50, and NY (with its imperial mien) holds the Northeastern record at -52. What's the point of having a rep for granitic cold temperament if you're not gonna be the best (at least in the region)? Well, maybe this is the week that will change:

Current Weather Conditions:
Mount Washington, NH, United States
2004.01.14 1145 UTC
Wind from the NW (320 degrees) at 79 MPH (69 KT) gusting to 94 MPH (82 KT)
Visibility 1/8 mile(s)
Sky conditions mostly cloudy
Weather Freezing fog
5 inches of snow on ground
Temperature -41 F (-41 C)
Windchill -97 F (-72 C)
Dew Point -41 F (-41 C)
Relative Humidity 100%

Maximum Temperature -39.5 (-39.7) F (C)
Minimum Temperature -44.7 (-42.6) F (C)
In the 6 hours preceding Jan 14, 2004 - 06:45 AM EST / 2004.01.14 1145 UTC


C'mon down, you polar air mass.
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