Gulf Hagas, 7/7/2012

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Jun 17, 2008
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Portland, ME
Gulf Hagas, 6.4 loop to Buttermilk Falls

Trail Conditions: Good overall, a few bog bridges are rotted with tall spikes protruding, river crossings OK - 2nd crossing just prior to Screw Auger Falls/Tote Road cut-off has very slippery, slimy rocks, and signs are posted discouraging people from seeking alternate crossings up or down-stream (something about revegetation efforts). Use the log laid across the crossing for support. Pleasant River was low but had a strong current. The level of this varies of course so be prepared for anything depending on how much rain the area has received in the few days prior to your hike.

Special Equipment Required: Trekking poles and water shoes for the 2 crossings that require removal of boots.

Comments: K-I road is much improved since the last time I drove in here. I saw work being done when I hiked the 100-Mile Wilderness in 2010, and that work has held up well.

Chris Sprague