Hammersley Wild Area (PA)


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Jun 16, 2014
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I recently hike a 17 mile loop through the beautiful Hammersley Wild Area in the PA Wilds. I love the isolation and wilderness of this place. While hiking the trails, we didn't hear any cars or traffic, just the streams tumbling down their glens. There were scenic forests of pine, hemlock, and laurel, as well as open hardwood forests with old ferns and ground pine. The views from the meadows were spectacular, reminiscent of the Appalachian balds. We then did something different, we followed the northern edge of the meadows down to Hammersley Fork. This became an impressive ridge walk with superb views into the Hammersley Canyon. The views continued almost all the way down to the bottom. The hike along Hammersley Fork was a joy, with views of the pristine stream as other side streams joined. There were some small waterfalls, including a cascade that came right out of the ground. There were also several beautiful campsites. Hammersley Fork is a gorgeous stream with rapids, slides, and pools, set in a deep canyon surrounded by wilderness. All we heard was the flowing water. We hiked out to complete the loop. Experience this place, it is one of PA's best kept secrets. I will return.



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Sep 4, 2003
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Avatar-Keaton (4) & Dad enjoying the snow on Wachu
Thanks for the memories. I spent a lot of time on the STS. I used to backpack frequently on the STS, BFT and WRT.. Hammersley WA was always a favorite of mine. Each year I tell myself I am gonna strap on my pack and get back out there but too many other things get in the way.. Maybe this will be the year to get back out on the STS. Thanks for the nice photos....Happy Easter!!!

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