Helderberg Escarpment Ascents


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I'm looking for a nice vertical gain. I'd like to hike up to the rim of the Helderberg Escarpment from the valley floor. Does anyone out there have experience with this? Is it possible? I recently read about an area owned by the Nature Conservancy - Waitecliff - that is public, and with permission from the NC might provide a nice gain potentially to the rim of the Escarpment. If anyone has done this, or has more info on whether this is even possible, please reply to this thread. I have not heard about any decent vertical gains up to the Escarpment and look forward to any info out there.

I groove on vertical gains.



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Sep 3, 2003
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Good views

If you hiked up from the valley floor, to the rim it would be from 400' at the valley floor to about 1350' along the rim, about 950' ascent. One interesting looking spot is located on the topo map below, would be a nice bushwack, but steep. I think once you got up onto the rim there would be great views of the Adirondacks, Taconics, Green Mountains, Albany, and the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys. From pictures I have seen it looks like its open pine and maple forest. I have not yet hiked there, but I am going to try and go there this spring. If you do go have fun and take some nice pictures.


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