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Sep 3, 2003
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People that post a photo looking for Comments and Critiques (C&C) deserve a decent response. Providing a quality photo critique is nearly as much of an art as is making quality photos.

You don't have to have a graduate level art degree to provide a good critique, you just need a little time. Please take the time to provide some decent information when you post a critique.

Some tips:

  • Do not just post a polite "Nice Shot." It provides no information to the photographer.
  • Study the photo for a while before you post.
  • Provide your comments on what you like about the image before what you do not like about the image.
  • Suggest how you think the image could be improved.
  • Comment on both composition (how the photo is laid out) and techincal qualities (sharpness, color) of the image.
  • Whenever possible provide insight to your personal experience with similar shots and how to improve them.

Learning to critique photos will help you improve your own photographs. The original photographer, the person providing the critique, and all others that read the critique can learn from a good photo critique.

Above all, be nice. If you are about to post a photo for critique, provide critiques of existing posts first. Do for them and they will do for you.

Enjoy the forum.

- darren
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