Hutchins Mountain Bushwhack

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Jan 30, 2008
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Second Update: I am (slowly) recovering from a sprained ankle and regretfully need to postpone this trip yet again. It would not be prudent for many reasons to attempt this trip in my condition. I will be available late August or early September for this bushwhack. By then, my ankle will be better. This trip is on hold till then - if you want to revive it and are available send me a PM. PS -- thanks to those who have sent me trip notes about this area. I hope to be able to verify it in my trip report.

I am planning to bushwhack Hutchins Mountain - a NH 100 highest peak. I have decided to go in via the woods direct from the end of Mill Brook Road. If spirits remain high, I plan to then head about 2 miles southeast along the Pilot Ridge. This will traverse three more peaks, two of which are also NH 100 highest. The finale of the trip will be a bushwhack NNE to the starting point - so no carspots required.

I am seeing if there is any interest out there from others to team up on this proposed adventure. This trip does not look very appealing to me as a solo experience. Please reply to this post or send me a message if you do have interest in the trip.
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