Ice Gulch, 8/7/10


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Sep 5, 2003
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Manchester, NH
Trails: Ice Gulch Path to Cooks Path and Boothman Spur

Conditions: Trail's are obvious, though not overused. Good signage. Some mud on Cooks Path (which became an understatement when I fell in covering my entire left side in muck.)

Comments: Thanks to assistance from our knowledgeable VFTT friends, we parked along Randolph Hill Road and walked down the road to Ice Gulch Path. At the point of the "Marked Birch" we continued straight to the falls. The view before all the trees fell must have been spectacular. It's a mess right now. The climb up and on towards Fairy Spring was steep and sometimes faint to follow. There were still areas of ice in the Gulch.

Warning: Don't take this pathway if you like to amble along. The boulders are rugged and challenging and fun for the ambitious though. Watch your footing carefully as the footbed is not always as solid as it appears.

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