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Jul 4, 2007
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Boston Hills, WNY
It had been 4 years since I hiked New Hampshire with Pete Hogan, and the stars lined up just right finally so I could hike with him again. This time it would in the Rangeley/Stratton Area of Maine as Pete is closing in on his “115”.
The plan was to meet Pete and his wife (Kathy) at the Old Speck trailhead at 8 AM (Monday 8/19) , finish that hike and then head to Rangeley for the rest of the week.
I used Sunday 8/18 to drive from Eden to Gorham and stayed at Hikers Paradise. Gorham to Old Speck only takes around an hour so I did that section Monday morning.
We met as planned and got moving on the trail. As usual (for me) the hike was harder than I thought it would be. At 7.5 miles with 2700’ elevation (round trip) I was glad when it was over. Just as we finished the hike, Pete’s wife pulled into the lot. She would fill her days doing things other than hiking. Now it was on to Rangeley. I stayed at the Rangeley Inn, “in town” and walking distance to “Sarge’s” Pub and Grill. I have nothing but good stuff to say about both places.

Tuesday, 8/20, 6 AM- We left Rangeley and headed for a hike in the Bigelow Mountain Range. I had been wanting to do this for many years since I read Andrew Lavigne’s trip report on a traverse he did in 2007 with Jen and Ewart. Our plan was to park at a lot on Stratton Brook Pond Rd (we went to the very end-rough) and do a loop using the Horns Pond trail, the AT (Appalachian Trail) and descending via the fire Wardens trail. This was a great hike on a beautiful day. Fyi- there’s a lot of work to do between “the Horn” and West peak.

Wednesday 8/21 was a rest day so I wanted to investigate a “short cut “ to Mt Abraham using the logging roads at the end of Barnjum Rd. I figured I’d take my gear in case I could really drive as far up the mountain as the map indicated. You can drive fairly close ,however the last logging road into the clear-cut area has been “water-barred” and therefore closed to street vehicles. It still looked like I was within a mile of the peak, so I parked, “geared up” and went looking for a route. There was some flagging that didn’t help and after searching the edge of the former clear-cut area I gave up (about 2 hours). I feel like from the top of the clear-cut area to the Mt Abraham Side trail is about ½ mile but I was afraid to take a “whack” at it. We ran in to an AT trail caretaker the next day who confirmed my opinion. This area is loaded with moose and bear sign. Also, earlier on this day, I shuttled 6 AT thru-hikers from Rangeley to the trail after they re-supplied. I got to pester them with all kinds of questions and that was cool. We ran in to all 6 as we hiked Thursday.

Thursday 8/22. 6AM we left Rangeley for Stratton and Caribou Valley Rd. This road had just been “machined” and there were upturned rocks and loose gravel all over. The going was slow with plenty damage potential but my Corolla made it to the parking area at the end where the road is blocked. If you have a pick-axe, through it in your trunk in case you have to remove one of those rocks that sticks up waiting to rip a chunk out of your car bottom. We hiked South Crocker, Reddington, then back over South Crocker to Crocker. We wanted to get Reddington out of the way early in case the rain showed up. From the Crocker Cirque Tentsite (last water source on that day) to the South Crocker summit, there is some outstandingly hard work (climb 1800’ in a mile ?). Pete had thoroughly researched the bushwhack to Reddington so that went smooth. As we made it back to the car the dark clouds moved in with some sprinkles. It was good to be done and I was beat trying to keep up with Pete.

Friday 8/23. Little Rickie and I were to meet at Upper Works at noon and do an over-night near the base of Allen. I left Rangeley at 5 and ended up getting there around 1, since I had to do a little side trip in to Schroon Lake for supplies.( I need and love my cheese curds). It was a beautiful afternoon for a hike and we used it all as we made camp at dusk. There was a lot of mud on the trail and Rich took a few bad steps that led to injuries. We ran in to a lady who was doing the 46 “barefoot” and she had summited Allen and was heading out. I set up my tent, and Rich slung his hammock, then dinner and bed.

Saturday 8/24. We decided skip summiting, eat breakfast, pack up, and walk back out. Allen would have to wait for Little Rickie. We saw plenty of people on the trail and those that summited said the slide was very slick.
On the way out we enjoyed some new planking and a new bridge that had been installed by a trail crew including “ADK Jack”, “HPHikingMoo”, “Barkeater” and a few other people (who’s names I forgot).

Little Rickie

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Dec 13, 2007
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Rochester, New York
It was a great two days in the woods. Great weather, meet a lot ofeople, no bugs, lots (too much) mud. Thanks for being there. I wasn't injured so much as dangerously fatigued which increased my odds of a serious injury if I tripped, stumbled or fell. A man has to know his limits.

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