Man vs won!! A new w46-r on wright with a side trip for me

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Jul 4, 2007
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Home: Fulton, NY: Wright W46 finish

This trip was to honor a fellow comrade, Dean G. on his official finish of the Winter 46 on Wright. Many friends where invited including Seth, Andy, Paul, Lee+Siobhan, the circus leader 1adam12, mike and myself. Most of use stayed at the Saranac Lake Hostel(aka Tylers). Morning came and with great excitement gear was readied and off to the TH.

Pulling into The Loj parking area I see this snowbunny hopping thru the lot which turns out to be Siobhan and lee, here to surprise Dean. Always good to see these friends along. The excitement builds as Deans truck is pulling in with Him seeing his surprise of friends gathered here. Deans on Cloud 10, which is not a Microsoft operating system.  What a day this will be, light snow but the winds are whipping which comes into play later on the summits. Finally we all sign and we are off around 7:45am I think.

So to set the stage , Andy and Seth are off in another direction to Hit TT/PH and the rest to Wright. Trail is hard pack and loud with clatter from MSRs. From the turn it’s unbroken with 2 inches of fresh snow. Wonderful footing all day since the warm and re-freeze. Chattering and Whoots fill the air of todays awesomeness. Frog jumping in and out amongst the group is the flavor of the day with such a short day it can be savored at a nice pace which lee sets. Well defined path up to the junction of wright/Algon. Which is where we rest and split for myself. Drinks/Food and goodbyes to Dean as I cant summit with him since I’m saving Wright for my last Winter also since this is where it all began on my summer round with my BFF adirobdack46r. I will attempt the others in hopes the winds that have been rushing thru the trail up to now leave no dought they will be strong. The visibility is my main concern. So Off goes the group to Wright and me to unbroken trail to Algonquin. As I climb the steep sections I can hear yells of excitement from Dean as the group ascends which I return. Now I can see them on the ridge and tears fill my eyes with what I know must be overtaking Dean as they did for my on my regular Round Finish. So now I need to focus on my adventure and stop to gear-up myself before breaking into the core of weather.

Once out into the open the winds are fierce with snow included but vis. Is not bad say, 200yrds. I can see many Cairns so im good in my book. Slow and steady in my msrs’. Theres some ice on this side of the mtn. which give me thoughts of crampons. I make way with my sshoes to the summit which when I get there is windless calm, weird as its been blowing 50+. I’ve made it, now off to Iroquois. Back into the winds on the downside I carefully step and plant my footing down into the col where I find the sign, again no winds here which is a good spot to eat and have a drink. I reached for my full face mask now which protects me much better than my fleece mask. I can see somewhat of the trail but it’s not perfect so as I start off im feeling the crust atop, it’s solid for me. I take a bearing to boundary where I know I can climb and go, a giant among the tree as snow has covered them all but say 2 foot. Carefully stepping and making my own trail on top of the hard crust it couldn’t be any better conditions. Up over and down and another bearing to reach Iroquois and I’m there. YES!!! What a day in harsh conditions.. I hold my Hand upon the tallest Cairn and thank God I made it and now retrace my route back up and over Algonquin which I meet two guys coming over. Tell them of the sweet trails and I start to descend where I run into a group of many, like 15 people coming up. No time to stop, I’m cold and need to get into tree line out of this wind. Finally I’m on trail again, WOW what a climb today. Now all I can think about is making it out to celebrate with Dean at the Pub. I waste no time descending with off coarse a few butt slides.  Back at the Car by 2:15pm.

Off to the pub I got to enjoy a few 46r pale ales with Dean before having to travel Home. Thanks Dean . I’m so happy for you and your finish, hopefully we can all get together next year for mine. 


Pics of this adventure
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Nov 19, 2008
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Saranac Lake, NY
YEAH DEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're the MAN!

And props to Rob for grabbing his peaks, too :D


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Mar 8, 2005
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Congratulations to Dean and to you for your hike. What a difference a week makes ! We were up there on the 11th experiencing full body spruce traps and nearly gave up.


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Jan 19, 2011
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New Hampshire
Awesome trip report, Rob! Sounded like a real adventure and congrats on your peak!

Congrats to Dean! Definitely an amazing and emotional accomplishment!

Thanks for sharing!