Middle Sister and Mt. Chocorua 5/2/13


Jun 3, 2012
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Trails: Carter Ledge Trail, bushwhack, Middle Sister Trail, Piper Trail, West Side Trail, Liberty Trail, Camp Penacook Spur, roadwalk

Trying to avoid snow, I decided to give these ones another go, and bring proper photographic equipment. Carter Ledge Trail clear and dry, with the exception of a couple stepovers down low. No monorail until around 2600 feet, then spotty up to the Middle Sister junction. Right at the junction, my first two steps resulted in knee deep postholes, so I ended up bushwhacking the first 0.1 or so until the trail cleared up sufficiently. Spotty monorail and then clear up to Middle Sister, a couple duck-unders between the peak and Champney. West Side Trail was terrible, unstable, and deep for pretty much its whole length. Liberty mostly clear to the summit. Piper down off the summit was clear and dry, with stable monorail in the woods. Piper off the ridge had a short bit of monorail, then was clear sailing to the trailhead. The roadwalk on 16 was uninspiring. Great day to get out before the forecast afternoon clouds rolled in!

HERE is my full report.

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