Mohawk Trail- AT to (near) Essex Road/Forced Turnaround


Sep 8, 2003
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Date of Hike: July 3 16

Trail Conditions: Dry on Ridge, damp but not muddy below, good traction on rock sections, mosquitoes and gnats near brook crossings.

Special Equipment Required: Lightly traveled, the trail is overgrown in 2-3 spots with poison ivy, etc. Long pants and perhaps tick repellent may be desirable

1. Parking lot northwest of the Rt 4/7 triangle was full--this is the part of the trail that goes to the AT
2. Parking lot east-south-east of the Rt 4/7 triangle empty-- from here proceed down hill to Dark Entry Road..trails from this parking lot just go down to Furnace Brook.
3. Easy/moderate climb, then a ridge walk, then a somewhat steeper decline. Can't say there were spectacular views, but this is a good trail for solitary hikes, and the whole trail makes a loop with the AT.
4. A beaver dam has created a swamp on the Essex road end as far a I could see, so unless you are willing to walk the swamp, you will have to turn around. (There is no way around it without trespassing)
5. Do not trespass--the trail exists with the cooperation of local residents. Sign states that travel after dusk is unwelcome.
6. Trail is closed from Mid October to Mid November due to abuse by teenagers (lets keep the reason unstated so it wont show up on google)

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