Mount Baldy accidents


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Mar 4, 2023
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I've never been to Los Angeles and I had never heard of nearby Mount Baldy til I read this article. Sounds like Mt. Washington on steroids.

I did Baldy several times after leaving NE for a few years to live in SoCal. It's a big mountain (10K') and is the high point along the ridge ringing the LA basin to the north. While there are several trailheads for Baldy, the most common one is Manker Flats (6K') on Mt Baldy Road. There's a ski area a couple of miles above the parking area. Access is generally good except after snowfalls. One thing I learned living in the West is that the snowline is about 4K', whether you're in southern, central or northern California.

Baldy, like Washington, is often hyped and the dangers are sometimes down-played, IMO by the hiking public. I thought the article Bob Kittridge posted did a good job outlining the risks Baldy poses.