Mt Tremont and Owl's Cliff via Mt Tremont and Brunel Trails


Apr 16, 2008
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Oxford, ME
Date of Hike: 12-13-09

Trail Conditions: The trail was broken out for the first mile or so, to 2200 ft. It was unbroken thereafter. There are a lot of blowdowns on the Tremont Trail, some old, some more recent. 8” of powdery snow down low, 16” higher up. Most rocks and roots are covered, making for a relatively smooth route. The Brunel Trail to Owl’s Cliff is in good shape.

All stream crossings are easy.

Special Equipment Required: Snowshoes and poles.

Comments: The snow was quite loose, making for some backsliding on the steeps. As the temperatures warm up this week, things may firm up a bit.

There is no plowed parking at the trailhead. The shoulder is adequate for parking a small car, though it’s a little risky on the corner. The best option is to park at Fourth Iron or Sawyer River Rd and walk the mile to the Mt Tremont trailhead.

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