Mt. Tremont and Owl's Cliff via Tremont, Brunel and Rob Brook trails 5/15/09


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Sep 15, 2003
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Grays Peak, CO
snow free all the way through!
Up Tremont Trail, lots of fallen branches and blowdowns, moved as many as we could. Great views from the summit!
Steep down Brunel Trail to Owl's Cliff, couple blowdowns, overgrown in the col, have to keep an eye out for the blazes in there.
Nice views from Owl's Cliff, surprised to run into another person! After Owl's Cliff, trail was clear of blowdowns and really nice walking.
Rob Brook Trail was wet and very overgrown, we hiked in crocs for about 2 miles due to all the crossings and swamp water. One crossing was thigh high in beaver water! (good times) due to a bridge that was out. Many blowdowns and probably not a recommended trail for making good time.
Overall, a great day in the woods and swamp with Priscilla and Keith!!

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