Mts. Galehead, The Twins, Guyot, The Bonds, Zealand, and Hale via...

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Apr 10, 2012
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North Conway, NH Avatar: Cannon Mtn.
Trails: Gale River, Garfield Ridge, Frost, Twinway, North Twin Spur, Bondcliff, West Bond Spur, Zeacliff Spur, Lend-a-Hand, and Hale Brook

Dates of Hike: May 26-27, 2012

Trail Conditions: All crossings easy, no ice or snow, and a few minor blowdowns (with one notable trip hazard on the spur trail to West Bond). Nothing remarkable. Basically all systems are normal, typical summer conditions. It rained Friday so there was a little mud and a small bit of standing water here and there (mainly on North Twin Spur and Twinway as I recall). Not much worth reporting, really.

Special Equipment Required: None required. Blackflies may be an issue now if the wind dies so plan for that. No mosquitoes yet. Crowds can be an issue, too; if backpacking allow yourself time to improvise if tent accommodations and shelter space is not available.

Comments: Really awesome hike! That said, I plan to write a more in-depth trail report in a day or two so I'll leave this as is. Not much to report on in terms of iffy conditions at this time.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
Nottingham NH

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