Report for Dan Doan Trail Sept.15,2012 with Trailwrights


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Aug 17, 2009
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Sorry for this report being so late I was awaiting pictures as I forgot my camera. Hopefully Jason can supply them for me.
We accomplished a lot of good trail hardening on a stretch of the Dan Doan trail a short distance up from the Mousley Brook crossing.
We installed two trail side ditches to get seeps and water moving. One was some 100 feet long. The other was 80 feet.
the best part was we used all the rocks taken out of the ditch as we dug it and placed them as step stones in the treadway in both locations. This finally dried up a very wet section of trail that will be much more hiker friendly.
There were some 23 step stones in all.
The crew consisted of Trailwrights Gregg R.,Jean-SabastionR., Hal and Peg along with Jason B.and James M. the adopters.
Totals were 4 Trailwrights x 7 hours = 28 hrs.
2 Adoters x 7 " = 14 hrs. grand Total of 42 hours.

We feel we have accomplsihed a lot on this trail BUT there is so much more to do in the future. Much of the old road part is drier than in the past. We could do a lot more with some volunteer help. maybe next season we can find more help. Thanks for all the help on this project.
Hal Graham Trailwrights