RMC Cabin Fee Increase


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Dec 31, 2004
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When I was volunteering for MHT, I talked to a guest who had stayed at the AMC camps in Maine as well as MHT. She preferred the AMC camps because they had hot tubs and saunas. From the emails I still get from MHT asking for Volunteers to man the huts, it seems to be all volunteer now. The wife and I kinda lost interest in the organization when they fired the last paid employee, Sue Davis. She is a force of nature that has very strong opinions and she and Wolf Tone butted heads on the direction MHT should go.

Interesting that The MHT has had the difficulties that they have. Would be interesting to see what demographic and financial data collection and analysis of the original business plan the MHT envisioned. Too look at their Web Page https://mainehuts.org/ you would think everything was running like a well-oiled machine. Hot tubs and saunas at The AMC facility vs off the grid self service at MHT is quite a contrast. Although I do believe both entities offer gear shuttling. Hopefully the rustic experience of the RMC will survive time. Will be interesting to watch where each of these organizations go as the population demographics of the hiking community are certainly changing.

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