Rogers Ledge

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Nov 13, 2004
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New hampshire
Me and my dog Shay, made our second ascent of Rogers Ledge on 5-27-23. Once again, we took the Mill brook trail from the Berlin Fish hatchery. The trail has received considerable maintenance since our last visit and you can actually see the footbed the whole way now. Kudos to the trail adopters, without them, our walks in the woods would be much harder. I picked this route for two reasons, one, we need it for our second round of the 52wav list (at#36), two, being a holiday weekend, I thought it would be fairly quiet. We did encounter about 8 people which was more than I expected, but still quite acceptable crowd wise. The ledge itself, is a great spot to have lunch and the trails themselves are excellent. If you have never been to the ledge, I doubt it would disappoint you. One thing about this area, there are some serious moose out there, the Kilkenny ridge trail is a highway for moose.