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Hi, A friend sent me this press release (but no link) regarding funding of a new map of the trail network.

News Release
Shelburne Trails Club
P.O. Box 2
Gorham, NH 03581

Contact: Larry E. Ely, STC President, 603-723-5822


Shelburne, NH (Dec. 2, 2011) ---- Shelburne Trails Club (STC) recently received a national honor accompanied by a grant from the Kodak American Greenways Awards Program. The $1,000 grant will help STC produce a detailed hiking trails map for the locality of Shelburne to include all publicly accessible foot trails in both the Mahoosuc and Carter-Moriah Mountain ranges in Shelburne. In addition to receiving the grant award, the Shelburne Trails Club will be showcased as a national model for its innovative efforts to expand a greenway in Shelburne.

The Kodak American Greenways Awards—administered by The Conservation Fund, a recognized leader in working with local communities to expand the nation’s network of linked open spaces—provide seed grants of up to $2,500 to nonprofit organizations and government agencies to help develop new greenway projects. The awards are meant to provide initial funding to spark creativity in conservation, outdoor recreation and trail and greenway development. Since the program’s inception in 1989, nearly $900,000 has been granted to over 700 organizations in all 50 states.

The Shelburne Trails Club is one of 21 groups nationwide honored this year for its innovative efforts to restore and maintain historical trails in Shelburne. Though faint and overgrown in many places, those “lost” trails had continued to be used by a few local residents and their original footpaths were able to be restored to the original routes documented in older editions of the AMC White Mountain Guides. Trails now restored by the club include the Scudder Trail to the summit of Mt. Ingalls and picturesque Ray’s Pond and the Middle Mountain Trail to Middle Mountain. The club also assists in the maintenance and management of the extensive trail system surrounding the Philbrook Farm Inn on North Road. The Inn’s trails had been maintained by guests over the last 150 years, primarily the Briggs family since the 1860’s, and STC will now assist with that challenging work. While a significant number of Shelburne’s trails lie within the boundaries of the White Mountain Forest, most trails in the Mahoosuc Mountains are located on private land and those trails would not be possible without the cooperation of the many land owners in Shelburne, including the Philbrook Farm Inn, The Conservation Fund, and Bayroot LLC timberlands managed by Wagner Forest Management, Ltd.

The new large format Shelburne Trails map will include more than thirty-five miles of Shelburne hiking trails maintained cooperatively by the Appalachian Mountain Club, U.S. Forest Service, and the Shelburne Trails Club and will include detailed hike descriptions and local history on the map’s reverse. The technical cartography work for the map will be performed by the AMC mapping department under a work order funded by the Kodak American Greenways grant and an additional $500 grant from the Mahoosuc Initiative through the support of a generous Sewall Foundation grant. The Mahoosuc Initiative is a coalition of 13 local, state, regional, and national land conservation, recreation, tourism, and community development organizations that have worked together for five years to further land conservation and community enhancement projects that connect people and communities to the forestlands around them.

STC member volunteers will be extensively involved in production of the new map, drafting trail description text and details, fact checking, and providing photos and artwork to enhance the map. STC hopes to have a completed map available during the middle of next summer’s hiking season and will be seeking contributions for the initial printing of the map, to be sold through local inns and outdoor stores at a low cost.

“This year’s a Kodak American Greenways award winners represent some of the best grassroots conservation and greenway development efforts in the United States,” said The Conservation Fund's president, Larry Selzer. “The Fund is proud to support these thoughtful, action-oriented local initiatives that will serve as models for other communities around the country.”
The Kodak American Greenways Awards are made possible through the generous support of the Eastman Kodak Company. As the world’s imaging leader, Kodak sets the standard in traditional picture taking, while working to bring the latest in digital imaging technologies to the marketplace. The Kodak American Greenway Awards Grants Review Committee consists of conservation experts from around the country. The committee selected grant recipients from a pool of nearly 200 qualified applicants.
“Supporting local community grassroots initiatives in preserving our nation’s great outdoor heritage is a privilege, and we are honored to be a participant in such a successful endeavor,” said Charles Ruffing, Kodak’s director of Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability. “These local initiatives and individuals recognized in the Kodak American Greenways Awards are a credit to all who diligently steward this country’s unparalleled system of greenways.”

“Greenways not only improve the nation’s ecological health, these natural corridors provide vital opportunities for all Americans to get out, exercise and improve their physical health,” said Gilbert M. Grosvenor, chairman emeritus of the National Geographic Society. “With the help of companies like Kodak, the greenways network has linked city streets to parklands and other open spaces. The program still enjoys robust growth as we celebrate 22 years of cooperation.”
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