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B the Hiker

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Jan 31, 2008
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Middletown, CT
Yeah, I got the same solicitation recently to upgrade my membership. I do not think that the new ownership should need additional funds given the bundle that they must be raking in from ads. If this ownership is anything like that for the college hockey board in which I participate (my only two), which transitioned to ads about three years ago, the ads here also will transition to misogynistic mild porn soon.
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Yep, this was the ad on my masthead when I was reading your post!
Feb 21, 2023
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South Glastonbury CT
Long before getting an account, I'd been reading the Views archives here for years and gleaned so much useful information. It is my hope that past discussions stay online for many years to come, and that old posts remain an integral part of VFTT. I trust the owners of the site have this in mind.

Another forum I used to be a part of, Harmony Central (for music), went through several changes of owners, mods, and software. For a time it was unusable, and there was a real loss of community.

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