Tremont, Owl's Cliff via Mt. Tremont and Brunell trails - 11-13/11


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Apr 9, 2004
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Trail Conditions - generally very good. Some wet/muddy spots on Mt. Tremont Trail. Stream crossings all doable. Some snow traces on ascent of Mt. Tremont, but mostly gone on descent. Similar traces in col between Tremont and Owl's Cliff.

Special Equipment Required: none. Brought light traction but did not need it. Poles were helpful for steep descent down Mt. Tremont on Brunell. Some steep gravel sections would have been tough without at least one pole.

Comments: first time on Tremont and second on Owl's Cliff. The section between Owl's Cliff and Tremont on the Brunell Trail was very scenic. It was generally open hardwoods, with lots of high elevation beech trees. Owl's Cliff overlook was ice free. Did the short bushwhack to the Owl's Cliff summit. The summit jar had a Sponge Bob notepad :cool: and the last registrant was Ed Hawkins from a month ago. Owl's Cliff was much different than when Larry D and I did it via the Rob Brook route, when there was six feet of snow!!


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