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Sep 3, 2003
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It has always been VFTT policy that commercial advertising is not allowed. We don't have banner ads and have discouraged commercial posts from members. The moderators have rec'd input from members over the last months suggesting that our policy needs updating.
No commercial posts are allowed, nor are commercial avatars, signature links to commercial sites, or trip reports with links to outside sites where the poster has some commercial interest.
If members have a mountain or hiking related publication, slide show, photography exhibit, book signing, etc, they can do a 2 to 4 week 'bump' or link to the event, book, show, presentation, etc. With a bump just before the event. No repeat announcements without prior consent of the moderators.
We are asking members to review this policy and make adjustments to their links, avatars and signatures as necessary and as soon as possible.

To that end we have updated the Terms of Service. Please note sections 8.3 and 8.4: http://www.vftt.org/tos.html

Dave, Tim, Alan
Not open for further replies.

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