Waumbek Country Club for sale


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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH
The Waumbek Country Club has been closed this year and its fairways appear to ready for haying with the exception of the greens. This is the last remnants of the Waumbek Grand Hotel which burned in the ninety twenties. Before I moved to the area, there was also a large music festival held at the site in the mid seventies. Here is the listing https://www.realty.com/commercial-listings/335063289/28-Waumbek-Road-Jefferson-NH-03583. 1.3 million for 365 acres of land is a relative bargain. I am surprised the owners of the Waumbek cottages do not get together and buy it as their view would be impacted by any development of the course. (lots of info on the "cottages" and the resort https://www.livingplaces.com/NH/Coos_County/Jefferson_Town/Waumbek_Cottages_Historic_District.html )

The Caledonia Record has had articles (behind a paywall). Various headlines indicate there is an offer on the table and that the town is discussing buying the land. I expect there may be preservation or land trust money available to assist the town in purchasing, but those transactions typically take a while to set up so a motivated seller may not want to wait Jefferson has typically been very open to subdivisions with numerous ones popping up over town typically laid out to avoid state subdivision regulations (larger lot sizes) and private roads, so not a lot of cost to the town, while a big increase in property tax base. No doubt an investor could chop up the course and sell lots as the south sloping views to the whites across the valley are quite impressive. Much of the valley are protected lands of the National Wildlife Refuge with several large farms. It is definitely a very rural town with not much of a town center or services, most of the residents work in Lancaster with a lot of second homes development moving north as the prices for land south of the notches become prohibitive. The last time it really made the national news is the rash of arson fires in late 1980s thar burned many older camps and homes in town. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1988-09-12-mn-1355-story.html

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