Wildcats - Lost Pond, Wildcat Ridge, 19 Mile Brook Trails 9/8/12


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Jun 20, 2004
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Kennebunk, ME
Lost pond trail was uneventful. First time on this trail and the pond is beautiful, I never knew it was there.
Wildcat Ridge was slick going up from Pinkham and down into Carter, with all the moisture and some leaves starting to fall, but nothing horrible. Yogi did fine and I passed a large group on the way up with several children and another dog that were getting along fine. No blowdowns, passed a few guys brushing out the trail somewhere between "D" and "A". Thanks guys!
Flags were flying on both "D" and "A" peaks. An older lady was finishing her NH 48 on "D" peak having come up Pole Cat. Some family members took the tram and met her there for the occasion. Lots of picture taking and congratulations. Some were drinking S.N. Torpedos, yum. No views from the top today just wind and fog.
19 Mile Brook was nice and dry as the sun came out. One area of flagging around the worse of the Irene damage may mean a re-route is soon to happen. This section of trail will undoubtedly be under water in the spring.
Plenty of doggy water the entire way.
NH 48's # 28 and 29 for Yogi. He was happy to not be bushwacking for once.

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