Recently, Steve Smith posted a report on his Blog about a trek to Mittersill Peak and Cannon Mountain via a new hiking route on the ski trails/service roads of Mittersill and Cannon ski areas.

My hike was a loop of Cannon Mountain and Mittersill Peak using the Kinsman Ridge Trail + the new Mittersill-Cannon Trail. The route that was used to connect the two trailheads was a combination of trekking about 0.5 mile along an unnamed trail on the west side of Echo Lake, plus about a mile of walking service roads/parking lots at the ski complex.

KINSMAN RIDGE TRAIL: From the trailhead at the Tramway to the top of Cannon Mountain was in good shape. However, on the day of my hike, many of the rock slabs were wet and very slippery. And due to heavy rain the day prior to this hike, the usual muddy spots were REALLY muddy!

MITTERSILL-CANNON TRAIL: From the top of Cannon Mountain to the trailhead off Mittersill Road, the trail was in good condition. The trail is blazed in yellow. Some blazes are attached to the top of thin poles along the side of the trail; whereas many other blazes are painted on rocks and slabs on the treadway itself.

Photos are at my BLOG.