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  • Any insight to the trailhead for Weeks Brook Trail would be appreciated. Off the Hurricane Mountain road of the Fryeburg side perchance? Thanks in advance!
    for some reason, i seem to be unable to "reply" to your e-mail address...anyway

    Hi--sorry, i may have seen them in my travels, but not "looking" for
    them, i have no recall--there are piles of debris everywhere on a lot of
    these....should i be on any more tower summits, i'll be aware to look as
    i am for various things people have asked me to look for/be aware of

    I have "accidentally" done 85-87 or is it 90? ME tower peaks and don't
    think there are any left of the 16 peaks on my list for next year--sorry

    be well
    Hey Dennis,
    I have site #6 at Barnes this weekend. Fri-Sun. nights.
    Many VFTT'ers, coming and going.
    Some are planning a Prezzie traverse.
    I am not. Just doing new trails and new mountains.

    Feel free to stop by, camp or hike something< if you want.

    Nice trip report on Burnt Meadow Mountain. Where do you pick up the stone Mountain Spur and does it take you to the Top of that Peak? Thanks!
    Hello peakbagger! It was great to bump into you today on Middle Mtn. Was that you calling to us as we emerged from the Peabody Brook Trail? We could hear someone but I couldn't see them.
    Greetings, I enjoy the hike down from Willey yesterday. Seems like a lively group. Hope to see you folks on the trail again.

    Re. your Hellbrook trail conditions report, you mention that it was once a part of the Long Trail, and I'm curious about what your source for this is.
    I definatley want to do the full traverse as a backpack this summer or fall. Its such a great area, yah, you are right, maybe I shouldn't have talked it up so big!
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