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  • Sorry skiguy! I haven't been on views that much lately. Well, I think you got your answer from that storm haha. Basically southern, SE, and E side of the mtns did well, while the other sides were shadowed. Not much upslope after the storm, but we have a couple more inches coming tomorrow, with a little bit of glazing on top of that.
    I'm trying a new greenie.

    Consider this post redeemable for one "Green Square" in the event they become available again. (This offer valid in NH, NY, VT and even MA.)
    The thread was "Another Lost hiker rescue on Washington" -- but it looks like the comment you posted (and the one that I "greenied" you for) has been deleted. If you didn't take it down, perhaps a mod deleted it...?
    Thanks for the greenie. I very much appreciate your support and encouragement.
    Well there is an interesting Southerly flow upslope going on tonight across the whites. Its a rare wind direction for it, and in these situations, the whites do much better than the greens. I'll be curious to see how much falls at the backcountry recording stations tomorrow AM, esp places like Zealand or Mizpah, though I think Mizpahs closed.
    Haha, hey. Winter hasn't really impressed me this year, so its hard to get excited or even pay attention to what is going on. I am sure the mtns will eventually make up for lost time because they always do...but right now its kind of a snore.
    thanks for the green if I could make it snow I would and I also would not be doing my current Job I would charge rich ski towns for my services
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