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Tim Seaver
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  • Thanks Tim....this decision had no consult from the more passionate right brain side of things unfortunately from the moderators IMO. Which is only my opinion. Not that the Greenie system needs to be reinstalled to make me happy..but some better overall consideration on the matter would have been appreciated on my part and I am sure others. They have only set the tone going forward for themeselves.
    Thanks Tim! He is the true hero in this case! he felt he was panicking the whole time, but the results speak for themselves.
    Thanks Tim - the English language is a beautiful thing in that you can accurately describe one set of conditions in multiple ways, each one presenting a different perception of reality.
    Appreciate the rep Tim. This conversation has no easy answers but I for one think experience and a cool head are more important than a specific gear list. This guy's boots may have been one of the only smart things he had with him. Not my choice of footwear for sure but waterproof boots in the spring in the Whites is not a bad idea, even if knee highs. Maybe the USFS is worried about people getting plantar fasciitis now...;)
    I wish I were handy enough to experiment with boot screws myself, but the boots I have right now (besides my Koflachs) aren't worth putting screws in anyway! Maybe next winter :D. PS I can see from the picture you wear Salomons; can I ask which one? That's the brand I'm looking at for my next purchase. Koflachs are probaly overkill this year and maybe the case going forward .....
    Regarding Maddy's thread "An once of Prevention"and your responses you should read if you have not done already John Grisham's "Inocent Man"
    Tim . . . thanks for the "green", but most of all, thank you for posting the link to my Blog. I'm grateful, and honored!
    Why thank you, Mr. Seaver! Not too bad for a little beaten up point-and-shoot... ;)
    You are most certainly welcome -- and the same to you, as well, regarding Thanksgiving. More photographs to come, once winter has set in and there's decent snow cover. Stay tuned...!
    I appreciate that Tim! Without getting into detail here, it drives me nuts that the largest polluters are not held accountable for polluting while everyone else is. It's pure pandering to the energy industry while at the same time holding others to a standard that's driven by image over substance. It's hard to keep emotion out of this one.
    Thanks Tim, its easy to have a lot of feelings and thoughts on the post. I appreciate your feedback.
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