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  • love what you are doing to bring attention to "no northern pass". I've been donating to Forest Society campaigns to help out. Every little bit helps. Again, kudos.
    oh riz! you should come!!!! pm me if you are interested! we are hiking both days this weekend, hale saturday; wambuek (or tecumsah) sunday!
    Got a pair of Dirty Girl gaiters in August for my birthday, thanks in part to you wearing yours. Now I have swirly purple ankles.
    Maybe we'll see ya then. We're up to work in October and I've got some other trails in the Franconia South Region to patrol for the AMC Adopter program. Thinking of one of the days carrying up all the equipment via Flume Slide to work the upper half of Osseo just to say I did it.
    Hey, you! No idea how much that pack weighed. All I know was that it made the hike incredibly difficult for me and therefore I didn't enjoy the days as much as I otherwise could have. All clothing layers for three, sleeping bags, two-person tent, Max's food, food for three (and the girls eat like teenage boys), etc. It was too much. Taught me my limits, though, which is good.
    Dear LRiz, That is nice looking dog you have there! Is Toby a Brittany? If so, I have heard that they have one on the most sensitive dog noses, up there with bloodhounds. Does he stay with you or does he have a proclivity to follow a scent and wander away from you?
    Thanks for the Greenie. Was it you in the p/u? Did I see you on the trail and not remember. Oh, dear, this Lyme disease is taking its memory toll.
    The hard part for me will be finding the consecutive weekends to build up to it. It's been nearly impossible to hike at all this spring, but at least I have been riding a lot.
    Nope, saw those and they look cool but maybe too hot?? The trail runners have a mesh scree screen over the tongue. Thanks for the green!
    Yes, you can rent them. Darlene D took a lesson and is looking for more, so you guys might get together as well...
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