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  • I'm trying a new greenie.

    Thanks for the Greenie Chris. I appreciate it coming from such an experienced maintainer like yourself.
    There were a few blowdowns, but there were far more that had already been cut through. There were many more places where we were sure we were on the trail, but had not seen a blaze in a while. At that point we would go a bit further, or turn around and look at a tree behind us and find a blaze. Most of the blazes above around 1500' were no longer blue, but had faded to a cream/white.
    Thank you! I'm glad that I captured images that were worthy of sharing... :)
    Thanks for the green...Stonehouse Pond is well worth it for a very shor hike...a hidden gem. Cliff over the pond is beautiful and it's a perfect spot to swim in the summer. Not usually crowded.
    I couldn't help but think when we were checking out camp Penacook how great it would be to be up there on a summer evening alone. I realize that there probably is little chance of being there alone in the summer but it was a thought. I just discovered today on the Geocashing website that there is a cache up there located near a tent site above the shelter. I should have done my homework ahead but sometime next spring or summer I'll go back and see if I can find it.
    If you do end up joining the Trailwrights for a day next year let me know...I'd love to join as well...it would be nice to try something beyond level 1 maintenance
    Hey Chris, I actually just adopted the first half of Falling Waters. I'll keep that in mind though if I'm looking for a 3rd trail to adopt. We'll see how well I can handle 2. ;)
    Aside from the one big blowdown and lack of blazing I thought it was in really good shape. I believe it's had some attention recently (last few months) since there were other blowdowns cleared. Some of the bog bridges could use attention too. Most of the way was smooth sailing though.
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