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  • hi scott. i have never had an issue. i know the trail is getting regular use and haven't heard anything from anyone else. the usfs has officially abandoned it so i'm guessing the landowner feels he has won. there has also been some land for sale in there that may be his piece, but i can't say for sure.
    take it easy.

    I'm trying a new greenie.

    Thanks for the rep. and well-wishes Scott! I know your gonna kill your traverse!
    I'd suggest moving your report to the Trip Report section... Tim can 'move' it, but you would have to delete and repost.
    "A clam-digging buffoon" - that's a perfect description of what I visualized at first. You make some great points as how the same gear could be characterized as either proper or improper.
    Thanks - and thanks for the Osceola report - I am feeling well enough today to attempt them. Not too far and not too long of a hike... sounds like crampons are enough and snowshoes can stay home... It's a popular quest this year, given conditions. My quest began because of being laid off, not because of conditions, but I almost feel guilty - haven't broken trail more than once or twice.
    Thanks for the warm welcome, Raven! I hope that I can make a lighthearted, positive contribution.
    Thanks for the greenie. I get a kick out of what we see and find. My 3 yr old granddaughter is currently looking for pumas in the woods behind her house. "Be careful of pumas" she warns. Well I saw one when hiking the East Pond Trail. It was only a logo'd sock, but a funny sight.
    Thanks for the link. That was one of the most precision landslides I have ever seen, and you are right, good thing it did not spill over to the trailside.
    hey raven! quick question, I noticed you are the Adopter for the Ammo trail. That slide that came down along the brook (left side as going up), was that this past winter, or two winters ago?
    That's funny. No it wasn't mine. I started with 2 last summer. A friend of mine took one to South America and went hiking in the Andes. He came back, but the bird didn't. I have one left. The same guy is going out to do the Cascades this fall, and wants to take the other bird........I'm a worried.........seeya
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