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Kevin Judy and Emma

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  • Dear Kevin,
    Thank you very much for the invite, but we are not going to be able to get down there this weekend. Congrats on finishing your Winter 48, and I had a great time hiking with you this winter.

    Thanks Kevin..it was awesome to share your day on Adams and Madison...see you next week
    I mentioned that I'd like to attend during dinner tonight and was not immediately shot down, so there is a possibility...
    Oh! Good luck, Kim! I know you can do it, and I know you'll be with a great bunch of people that will help you through it! Just remember, when you get to Guyot, head south!
    8 )
    Thanks for the greenie, Kevin. It was a pleasure to hike with you! Marty
    Hey Kevin, Thanks for the greenie. We all had a terrific day yesterday. As birthdays go, that was a good one! I'm glad it was yours.
    K,J,E I have the map from the gilford library in my computer and can copy to you via e-mail if you like . It was made by Dave Roberts in 03 and still fairly accurate. Does not cover all of Gunstock but does some of it.
    Thought I would mention it after reading your post on VFTT " Blues Belknap Blues" .
    I am barely computer literate not sure of the format PDF etc. I have sent it before to others with good results...Hal
    Probably not - but you will see Michael. I haven't been able to go hiking for an entire month - next weekend is my chance and I'm takIng it!
    Thanks a bunch! I'm glad the kids seem to have caught the hiking bug. The more reasons I have to get out with the family together, the better. :)
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