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  • I saw Ed Hawkins E-mail about your red lining accomplishment. Congratulations. Is their anything else in the world left to conquer? :)
    Thanks so much for your congratulations! It truly has been a journey for me, a lot of water flowed under the bridge as I worked on this. Many difficult episodes in my life have passed. Hopefully, as this door closes, a new one opens! I certainly have a new found respect for those of you who have knocked this off in a single season, or TWICE in one season! (You ARE crazy, you know!) 8 ) I don't think those who've done it can ever fully understand what your efforts mean to us who struggle to finish the list once. I've been around some of you enough to know that in my next life, I want to be as strong mentally and physically as you! Thanks for setting the bar high and showing us what can be done if we put our minds to it! Thoughts of those who made it before me gave me strength to do it myself. Thanks!
    Thanks for the greenie and nice comments on my post. Sorry we didn't get a chance to introduce ourselves. It was a bit crazy up there. What an amazing day. Your presentation to Quinn was definitely one of the highlights. Hope we run into you on the trails again someday.
    Thanks so much, Cath! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! (All I want for Christmas is my last 9 W4ks! This is the winter!)PS: There's a link for a video of this hike, too, if you're interested!
    Nice seeing you and Tim as well Cath. We headed up to Adams and backdown to Appalachia. Long day, with no views, but nice to be out none the less.

    see ya!
    Thank you, Cath! I feel so much inside sometimes words aren't enough. When they do spill out I am glad there are people like you there to hear them!
    Thanks, Cath! Always a pleasure to be in your company! I'll share my fluffernutters with Smokey any day! Hope we'll see more of ALL of you guys! Don't get enough of it!
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