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  • Thanks Bombadil (? Pat) for the "rep points" (a.k.a. the "green square")!:D

    Best wishes to you for a successful and fun backpacking adventure in the Great Gulf this weekend!

    Thanks! but this pales in comparison to the stuff you do! That last double presi traverse was insane!
    Thanks. That's a great hike with a lot of variety crammed into a little over ten miles. When you go, CCW seems like the best approach. There are slabs on Center Ridge Trail that might be a test going the other way.
    Pat, Thanks for the greenie - I appreciate it and your comments. Slides can be a lot of fun. I'm sure we'll get after another one very soon.
    Nope. We didn't get the bonds Friday because of the winds. But Eric finished the grid Saturday so it was a great weekend! Only had time for three presidents Sunday. Will be an early winter finish next season and hopefully a ssw too! Happy trails!
    Just getting to my mail. Had a great night. That was a long mile in the dark to Flume. Got back to camp around 9:00. Had dinner, then went to sleep. Calm all night. Got up around 2:00 am., stuck my head out the door and rolled on my back to view an awesome sky full of stars. The rest of the hike was uneventful. Went over to Lafayette and down OBP. Thanks again for breaking out the trail.
    Bombadil -- thank you for the green square; it's appreciated. NOTE: while driving past the trailhead for the Skookumchuck Trail yesterday (Saturday), I notice several cars in the parking lot. While sometimes folks just, well, park there for no reason other than to hang out (yes, bizarre), I'm thinking that the trail may have been hiked yesterday. That, coupled with some of the recent trip reports on this site and New England Trail Conditions, may mean that all of your proposed route for next week has been hiked in the past few days...?
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