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  • Green for you!

    Thanks for the green. I don't do many trip reports so I wanted to focus on how a average individual deals/handles the effort, not how fast, how far or how high. I want the people that think they can't, can if they are prepared and pace themselves. It was only the bugs that made it misserable.
    Hi BIGEarl! Just wanted to take opportunity to say hi now that we've joined VFTT & thank you for your company hiking Garfield a couple weeks ago. We have plans to hike w/ NH Tramper (Mike) this weekend (5/25). Lisa & I need Owl's Head & thought that would be awesome to do w/ you & Sue. Need to do in 1 day & know you could help with the bushwacks! When do you plan to do agian? (Rick)
    Hiking with you and Sue was an excellent time. Thank you for the company. I'd love to do it again.
    Hi Earl, I was wondering if you and Sue are hiking this Friday (tomorrow). I am looking for someone to hike with, that is if it will fill in a blank. you can email me at sandy at sandyprice.com or call 603-520-0918

    I'm thinking of trying Owlshead on 2/11. I have business trip they tell me in next 1-2 wks, but that was 2 weeks ago and still no word on actual date. At this rate doesn't look like it will happen next week so 2/11 looks good. Work sucks! If you don't need Owlie in Feb, don't worry about it. Good luck on Bonds!

    Hi Earl

    What do you have on your agenda for March? Is Owlshead on it? I was hoping you'd be doing Owlshead prior to doing the bonds. I'd like to do Owlie as warmup hike for the ultralong Bonds. We may go for Owlshead on 2/4. But if you were doing it next week we would cancel all plans and join your group.

    Ray Caron aka Jazzbo
    Hasn't Tim warned you about this? "Don't" need to thank me! :D Speaking of hiking, we intend to come up to the Whites several times this Winter, are you still gridding the Winter peaks?
    I grew up in Nashua and my parents are still there, but I'm in school in CT. My parents' place makes for a nice jumping off point for hiking in the Whites and NH still feels more like home than CT :)
    Golf balls work too. I like lacross balls better. It's the cheapest thing to try and I knew it worked after a week or so. Good luck.
    Thanks Tom. Evidently the phone was on when it was lost. The battery is dead. I may pull the SD card and see what I can find there. Last resort, I can return it to the service provider but they'll probably just toss it.
    You might be able to figure out who owns it a variety of ways. Many phones have a way to display their own number. Also, look at the contacts. Is there a 'me', etc. in it? If you can get the #, you can leave a message. Finally, they might try to call 'you'!
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