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Becca M
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  • That's the impression I'm getting. Hope our paths cross again soon. It's always good to see you.
    Hello Becca, I noticed on NETC.com you finished the grid. Congrats on #576!!


    TDawg (who is only @ 23.3% complete)
    Thanks for the green. Having fun following your red-lining journey. Thanks for posting all the trail conditions reports.
    Hi Becca, read your report of the Sawyer River trail on the newenglandtrailconditions site. Glad you found it in good shape. It took me 4 trips and about 16 hours to brush that back! Brushing is incredibly slow work but it was a pleasure to make it look somewhat like a rail-trail again. The last bit of the trail is confusing no doubt. Anyway, thanks for the report. ... chris
    CINOs are deathly afraid of leeches, and also afraid of drowning in deep or running water. There's a safe little pool along Hobbs Brook, just upstream from the Kanc ;)
    Too funny, it worked perfectly for me on my Mac - opened up a Finder window that prompted for username/password, then I saw the directory just as if it was local and did a drag-n-drop. But fortunately it worked for you, no need to troubleshoot. :)
    hey becca
    thanks for your wishes!
    great running into you two weekends ago on the ridge.
    after, i said to the guys i'd wished we'd asked you to join us and taken you back to your car and bike...would have been nice to have some girl talk. :)
    happy trails,
    Hi Becca! I read your recent trip reports on Carr and Mt. Crosby. Both hikes seem like they would be good snowshoe trips this winter. Thanks for posting!
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