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  • Thanks for the greenie, Patrick! If you are ever interested someday, I'll show you the way to #7. Really remote place. There was a big moose crashing around below the cliff last time I was there.
    Thanks for the encouragement and the greenie Forestgnome! Took me a while to find it and to figure out what a "greenie" is. I appreciate it. Happy New Year!
    Thanks for the "greenie". Nice Christmas gift.
    Hope 2012 brings you many wonderful "mountain high" adventures.
    Oh, I just thought that you like the Rainbow Trail and because it was up for adoption, you might take it. Went by it yesterday on the way to Perkins Notch and No Ketchum Pond; lovely country out there!
    Thanks for the green Patrick. If you should ever recognize Lauky out on the trail please introduce yourself. I'd love to meet you. I have had several encounters with critters that resemble your avatar photo, but I don't think any of them were you. :)
    Awesome pictures from Sandwich Dome. My trailwork somewhat limits the range my travels in these beautiful woods. Thanks for sharing your travels. I need to be on the look-out for those moose hairs!
    Many thanks for the greenie! I agree, Sage is lucky. Alex has never seen a moose on the trail, and she was a bit jealous. :)
    Hey Patrick - Wanted to give you a greenie for your recent TR of Becca finishing the Grid, but it said I have to spread around reputation first. So, anyway, wanted to say great job and awesome pictures as usual!
    Thanks for the greenie Patrick. I appreciate the praise on the MW photo (from the master)! It was one of those days that just presented so many photo ops it was hard to know which ones to catch. Always glad to unload the camera at the end of the say and find a couple that capture the experience.
    Thanks for taking that d*mn surveyor's tape down. Very little looks more foreign in the wilderness than that. Good for you! and the rest of us as well...
    Thank you! I don't know if you've been there, but you MUST go if you haven't! I was there a week and didn't see a moose, though last time I was there we saw a couple of dozen. I tried this time, but I guess the rain kept them in the woods.
    Why thank you! What a kind compliment, especially coming from such a talent photographer as yourself. I wish I'd taken more pictures, as there is nothing like being above treeline for sunrise...
    Patrick, there's always a certain sheen about a "green" from you! Thank you! Much appreciated!

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