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  • Skip, thank you for the greenie. Hope your knee is doing better. Happy New Year!
    Thanks Marty, Been rehabbing pretty hard hopefully it pays off.
    Thanks so much Skip! Needless to say, we will be even more cautious when we drive at night in any area of the Whites. We talked with the body shop guy who is repairing the van on Friday and he told us there was a vehicle totalled on the Kanc last week.
    Be careful...
    Thanks, Skip! I hope to see you and Liz soon. If you are around in late July/early August and interested in joining me and Toby on his 48 finish, we'd love to have you accompany us. He only has 7 to go... :)
    It was good to meet you, too, Skip. We thought for a long while that you might be the only person we saw all day, but we were joined at the summit by two men. We did the summit loop and found the Tecumseh Trail down quite steep and icy, but manageable. Take care.
    Thanks for your reply. As you can tell, hiking the MD/AT is another of our favorite areas, especially since the trail takes you to many state and local parks and historical areas here in Maryland.
    Great meeting you in the tower.I am concerned about your troubles finding the carriage road from Piper,can you elaborate.I am the maint,coordinator for the area and poeple having a problem worries me.
    Its a great traverse, I've done it several times -- from Garfield, from Skook, from Old Bridle Path -- even did a double back over Liberty a second time on a winter traverse to do a different descent (from Osseo). I'd like to do it this spring, so I have the traverse in all seasons.
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