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  • From the summit of Piper you can reach the Carriage road two ways.
    1 from the chair you can follow the Old Piper trail [Orange blazes],somewhat faded but still good,to the White trail jct.Follow the white[white blazes] to the carriage road coming onto it just below the parking lot at the top of the carriage road.
    2 When you walked the perimeter did you see the other chair facing west with a red blaze on it?. This red blazed trail [Piper Mtn.Trail] follows a ridge down and comes out on the carriage road just below the gate at the first bridge. It is a shame you had trouble with the trails especially so because I have maps in the tower of the entire range. The same ones that are avilable in the gilford Library.Also the sign is an old one and should be replaced. It was put up by Dave Roberts years ago,and all trail work is done by volunteers and that particular summit is on private land and we do not have officail permission to do anything.However I think we will try and put up something in the near future. Hal
    PS when you said the summit were you at the chair or at the true summit?
    After enjoying the views from the Piper summit. We checked with the sign and noticed the finger pointing towards the trail that would lead us back to the carriage road. We walked the whole perimeter or the western part of the summit and could only find the trail blazed in green. After only a short distance we realized this would take us back over towards Whiteface. We were committed at that point so we just continued, ended up back on the Belknap Mountain Road. Took the road walk back. Then went over to the elementary school and finished on Rowe.
    Thanks for letting my wife and I into your firetower on Sunday. I wish I knew you were a VFTT member I would have said something. The plane wreck was easy to find. We had a nice hike, but found the trail from Piper to the carriage road impossible to find.
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