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  • I hope she is doing well! Give her my best wishes for a quick and full recovery! I think it would be good...There are great views from the tower. I think it is about a 20-30 minute walk each way from what I remember. There are a bunch of nice trails that might be good...check out colette trail or Clay Brook trail on the UVLT website...
    I'd posted the trip report mainly hoping one of the 6 hikers would respond and let me(us) know they were OK. But thank you so much for confirming that! You weren't one of the 6? Thanks again! Fred(MTNRUNR)
    Thank you. What I didn't add was that it was scarey for the first day or two.
    Thanks for the green square! And, you're welcome for the rekky on the conditions -- I wanted folks to know that stuff out there isn't as bad as was feared, and should improve over the next week or so.
    Hey there, I made a mistake, I need Tom-Willey for Jan after all (I've already done them in Feb).

    I'd be happy to do Tom, but I'd want to keep us going through Willey as well (do a traverse). Is that what you're thinking of doing this weekend?

    We might do the Hancocks or Madison, depending on weather, wind, and trail conditions. We can't do a winter hike unless the trail is packed...if it's not packed, Alex gets tired after only a few tenths of a mile...pushing through snow is too much for her at this stage of the game. Let me know what your plans are, if you do any other hikes.

    Also....Alex and Sage may both go up Tecumseh in Feb....that's one we could all get together on, perhaps...
    Thanks DR....all of the happy thoughts, karma and prayers are working!
    Thanks for the feedback Diamond Ridge. By the way, since I'm here, though its foggy in your avatar, what's the location? For some reason it reminds me of Osceola.
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