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  • Bobby, thanks for the greenie and for joining me on several of those hikes. Now we can work on your lists! Marty
    I thought so!! I was 29 yrs Berlin NH PD retired as Detective/Juvenile division after being patrol for 20+..now am part time Coos County Sheriff..usually drive around in Crown Vic plate number "Coos 8" have helped some hikers out and patrol trailheads sometimes too..stay safe!!Lefty E
    Happy Birthday sir!! Seems you might be LE?? If not I apologize, wanted to let you know I'm also LE..hope all is well down south..Lefty E
    Thanks for the greenie and the "suggestion" on how to keep my hands warm. LOL!
    Hey Bobby:
    How is your wife doing?
    Just thinking about all you have gone through and I hope things are looking better for you and your family.
    Thanks for yet another greenie! You've got to try this kilt thing. No tugging at your knees when you're climbing, and certain freedoms for other parts of the anatomy. The best part is the women love it!
    HI Bobby,
    OK... I'm officially on here so thought I'd say hello... still a lot to figure out! I hope things are ok. Talk to you soon.
    Hey Bobby, I didn't want to PM you...I know you have a lot going right now. But I did want to let you know that we're thinking of you and your family. If you need anything just say the word.
    The knees are ok. I didn't rehab the left knee after surgery. I didn't stay off it (work issues), had to have it drained 3 times. Just starting to exercise more now. Need to do a hike......Hope your wife is doing better, take care
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