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Fisher Cat
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  • Thanks Fisher Cat, I felt the same way about the promotion of books, either directly in posts or indirectly in avatars, signature lines, links. Thanks for raising the issue, I'm glad I'm not alone.
    Thanks for the green. Sorry I just noticed your post. I really do love that trail and it is in great condition.
    I like to say I am the right guy in the wrong time. Oh what I would give to spend just a week back in the pre 1900's! To walk Indian trails into the REAL wilderness of the White Mountains, or work a small farm in the old Indian Stream Republic....now THAT would be fun!
    Great reports lately and congrats to the wife!! Hope to meet you sometime..have you got your brother out there lately?? Lefty E
    Scott, You can bet we'll never forget that night. We did stop by and see Steve on Monday afternoon after we picked up our rental. Sorry we missed you. I'm sure our paths will cross on one of our vacations.
    Ha! You know, you're right... I can't even sit still for an hour at work without taking a break to walk up and down the hall ;). Thanks for the greenie. I hope to get out and visit the oh-so-wonderful Osseo trail in the near future.
    Sure thing. I stood in awe for a bit when I first saw the swath it had taken out. A reminder of the power of these mountains.
    Hey Fisher -

    That was winter 2010; I came up do to some preseason maintenance in April and it was there. Sounds like February 24-25ish according to what was discussed on the thread below. Second page seems to have more refined details. Good pics too. I was very glad to have help clearing blowdowns on the trail, although most of the trail was thankfully missed.

    Some might suggest I seek professional help for saying so but I really like the Link. A couple-three years ago I did a "thru-hike" of it with another VFTTer from Caps Ridge to Appalachia and thought it was a beautiful trail. I tend to enjoy rougher and lesser used routes (see my most recent trip report posting).
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